Last year I wrote a small summary of the things I accomplished throughout 2017. I am glad I did that last year and I wanted to do it again. So. Here is another bulleted list to summarize the most recent arbitrary unit of time that I managed to traverse.

I didn’t switch careers, there were no weddings, and I maybe worked more than I should have. But I did make a concerted effort to push my creative/not-day-job work forward, held down a side-hustle, somehow managed to go on several vacations, and put some money away for an emergency or a self-imposed sabbatical.

All in all, an incredibly eventful year. So many things happened; it went by so quickly. I know I missed some important things. But I do think it’s good for me to take stock of the year and I’m really pleased that my dailies project—having completed its ninth year—has facilitated this so well.

Here’s to 2019 and continuing to grow in a positive direction.