Nothing like a bulleted list to make you feel good about your year. But seriously—I wanted to get one more item on the blog before the calendar turns and reviewing my year seems like a good way to close out 2017.

In the past I was required to write out a list of accomplishments twice a year for performance evaluations. Every time I did that I ended up writing thousands of words and I was surprised by the number of large accomplishments that I somehow completely forgot about.

This was a big year; lots of important events I don’t want to forget. I accomplished a ton, I had a huge life change in the form of a new job, and my best friends got married. Some specifics:

I know there are things that I left out—and maybe I’ll update this later—but it was nice to spend some time reflecting on the year and reaping some returns on the investment I’ve made in recording what happens most days for the eighth year running.