Just finished moving ye old blog from Octopress to Hugo under the premise that I’d write and publish a little more if I could use a tool that is is a little more modern.1 You know, more modern than a vintage 2012 Ruby.

I took a look at other options before I took the leap—Nikola and a couple other Python-based systems looked promising. I started hacking around with Nikola before deciding it didn’t feel quite right.

Hugo has been a joy to use so far. I don’t know if it’s just that I’ve got an extra six years of programming under my belt, but the system seems to be more intuitive than I remember Octopress/Jekyll being. It’s got great documentation and forums to boot. I was able to convert my entire blog over, including manually editing some blog posts and hacking away at a new design/layout over the course of a weekend. I even managed to make it segfault!

I’m pretty jazzed that Hugo can publish Jupyter Notebooks. It also seems like a good way forward for hosting a microblog and moving away from Twitter a little.

Thanks to Lingyi Hu for developing the Er theme that I hacked at to make this update. There are still a few things to clean up, but overall I’m happy with the fresh look.

  1. At time of writing, the first item on the Octopress website is an article titled Octopress 3.0 Is Coming that’s dated in January of 2015. [return]