Useful for those who have “cut the cord”, is a service that will tell you if a movie or television show is available for streaming, purchase or rental. Pretty convenient.

The site is easy to use and its utility is obvious. However, this service shouldn’t need to exist in its current form.

The content producers, the people who make the television shows and movies, are notably absent from’s streaming, purchase or rental options. Simply, relatively new businesses like Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Google and many others offer modern ways to access content. Television networks and movie studios do not.

This fact wouldn’t be so hard to swallow if content producers cooperated with the businesses facilitating modern distribution. Notoriously, though, they don’t. Instead of embracing new technologies and fitting them into a modern business plan, the traditional content producers ignored new technologies and have defended their obsolete distribution practices with litigation.

The future is here. Embrace it or move out of the way.