Kind of.

My intention was to write a concession to a claim I made in an earlier post which stated that the Leica M9 is the smallest interchangeable-lens camera with a 35mm sensor. The Sony A7 and—more interesting to me—the A7R have been released and I had assumed that these bodies were smaller than the M9.

After doing a little research, I found that the M9 will fit into a smaller circumscribed box than the A7. According to Digital Photography Review:

body length (mm) height (mm) width (mm) box volume (mm3)
Leica M9 139 80 37 408,480
Leica M 240 139 80 42 467,040
Sony A7 127 94 48 573,024

Of course, the viewfinder and grip on the A7 contribute more significantly to the circumscribed box dimensions than the actual displacement of the body. However, circumscribed box dimensions are important when allocating space in a camera bag.

I’ll wait for someone else to do a proper displacement test.