Stage setup for UYD at the Oriental Theater

On June 8, 2013, Jonathan Larroquette and Seth Romatelli of Uhh Yeah Dude came to the Oriental Theater in Denver’s Highlands to perform their podcast LIVE.

UYD Live

I started listening to them a few years ago because Erik Price (from Frank and Erik Internet Famous) listed it as one of his favorite podcasts. Since then I’ve spent many happy hours listening to their show—one that lends a unique perspective to all the crazy things that happen in the USA and dick jokes. Tasteful dick jokes though. Actually, it’s less like dick jokes and more like walking into your best friend’s apartment in the middle of a night of carousing. Except one of them is drinking Diet Coke and the other is smoking. And you’re invisible because they’re not talking to you. But it’s cool though, because they totally would if you had invented interactive dancecasting. Which you haven’t.

Jonathan and Seth hang out with the crowd after the show

It was incredibly heartening to see how all their preparation plays out in real life. Nearly the entire crowd stayed for autographs, and both of the dudes had something nice to say to everybody. Jonathan and Seth have been podcasting since early 2006—I tried to explain how encouraged I’ve been that they’ve continued their show despite what we’ll call an inefficient revenue model, but Seth responded solely with gratitude for the support they’ve garnered over the years. It’s clearly a labor of love and it’s evident that their perseverance has resulted in something that means a lot to lots of people. That’s my favorite kind of art.

Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette

They were even nice enough to pose for a photo.

Listen to the show they recorded that night, and buy some merch (when available) or send them a royalty check.

Until next time, dudes. Seatbelts.